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The 19-Twenty lads have been performing their high-energy sonic-party nationally, headlining sell-out shows and festivals in all states and territories. Constantly on the road or in the sky, they have toured seven times around Oz and performed gigs throughout Europe including Belgium, The Netherlands & Germany. Performing anywhere and everywhere, this straight-up 100% independent act have been blazing throughout Europe and Australia and gaining new music fans/fiends from their live shows.



Claude Hay leaves a 10 year career as the ultimate One Man Band solo artist to become the duo ‘Claude Hay and The Kung Fu Mustard’ in 2019. The new band takes its cues from old school funk, one of Claude’s first musical loves, and will take the dance floor up a notch at his already heaving shows.




Sydney guitar-slinger Greg Nunan has spent the last two decades developing his blues, soul, rock 'n' roll sound, honing his chops with the Blues Machine at Singapore's Crazy Elephant and forging a name with his band the General Jacksons.


A seasoned performer, Nunan has played Austin's SXSW Festival (Australia's first online virtual sets for SXSW), Peats Ridge, Manly Jazz Festival, Peaches & Cream Festival, Coffs Harbour Food & Wine Festival, Wangaratta Jazz Festival and Singapore's Boys Toys Festival which have been highlights amongst playing different clubs, pubs and blues cruises over the years.



Critically acclaimed Australian act, Hussy Hicks are a tour de force featuring Leesa Gentz’ powerhouse soul vocals and Julz Parker’s revered guitar skills. Prolific and accomplished musicians, Hussy Hicks have honed their sonic dexterity over the past 12 years with six studio albums, multiple industry awards and more than 1,000 live shows under their belts, from Australia’s biggest blues, roots and folk festivals to 15 plus international tours, which now sell out across Europe.


Mike Elrington is a gifted singer songwriter with incredible guitar skills. Standing at almost two metres tall, delivering his signature, gut-wrenching vocals like an instrument all on its own, very few people forget a performance from this man.



The vibe is old-school. Think blues-rock and add a dash of psychedelic. It's groovy, it's of the earth, it's authentic.

With a band-name that's one heavy animal away from the legendary vamp 'Smokestack Lightning', this trio from the Yarra Valley in Australia might have formed around their love of the blues but are actively pushing into new territory.

They've been at it for a while. Singer-guitarist Ash and drummer Jem started playing in high school, while bass player Shane helped form the band
in 2013. Like a rhino, they mostly avoid built-up areas, and generally 'stick to the sticks'. Further explanation? Anywhere near trees, water or beer. In the spirit of a good old Bunnings BBQ, they're proudly D-I-Y, releasing music under their own label JAMALAMA and designing everything from art to Pink Floyd-esque light shows.


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